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As a world-class systems provider, Shore Waves Trading provides a proven portfolio of installation services to ensure your critical power systems are designed and delivered to the highest standards. Carried out by our team of highly experienced and certified engineers, our service offering provides comprehensive project management, from initial site surveys to expert installation and Pro Care commissioning to get your systems up and running smoothly, safely and swiftly whatever their size and whatever the application.

For over several years, Shore Waves Trading has successfully striven to lead the world in power technologies, with over 10 technology patents registered. Shore Waves Trading core energy efficiency solutions market is in the field of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems covering a vast range from small surge protection through to large scale industrial UPS for use in critical applications; in transport, Oil & Gas and power generation plants, as well as in data centers. With our unrivalled, global service back up and know how we ensure that our focus remains on delivering the best reliable solutions and service to our many and varied customers. Our long expertise bridges both AC and DC power technologies which is reflected in our extensive range of products: UPS & inverters, rectifiers & chargers and power supply modules.

We serve all end-customers as well as intermediaries such as design and construction companies. We provide support throughout the whole project life cycle – including preparation of specifications (front end engineering & detailed design), product delivery, installation, testing and commissioning, after sales service and maintenance.

Installations & Commissioning

Professional installations and commissioning are of crucial importance for the long-term serviceability of UPS systems. We offers the installation and commissioning of every Benning Charger & UPS system worldwide. This service is performed by trained technicians and specialists.

Maintenance & Service

UPS and Battery Charger systems play an important role in the security of power supplies. To ensure system availability over many years, these systems need to be maintained regularly. In addition to upholding availability, regular maintenance increases the life span of the system.

Battery Maintenance & Service

In addition to the expert maintenance of electronic and power components, special care must be taken of the batteries. Weak or defective individual cells usually do not occur to the operator until they already severely affect the entire battery system.

Education & Training

To avoid personal injury and property damage as well as costly production and work interruptions, well-trained employees around the operation of the UPS systems are very important. We therefore offers various training and further education opportunities.

Measuring Tools & DC Load Banks

The necessary maintenance measures of a UPS system may vary depending on the application and load. Due to decades of experience, the technically correct and cost-effective maintenance is only guaranteed by a specialist

Spare Parts

The high flexibility of the UPS systems & battery charger system as well as project-specific individual versions make it impossible to keep all spare parts in all configurations and variants permanently in stock worldwide.


Despite careful selection of all installed components, a well thought-out design, high production and test requirements with the best quality standards, defects can never be completely avoided.

Modifications & Refitting

The requirements for a UPS & Battery charger system may change over time. This can be, for example, adjustments in the data connection, a changed output power of the UPS or the extension of the autonomy time.

Task We Perform

  • ● Conduct Site Survey
  • ● Laying of Cable & Conduits
  • ● Interconnection of Cables crimping/lugging
  • ● Check out and verify proper operation of battery charger with supplied instructions
  • ● Set and verify battery Low, High, and Ground Alarm functions
  • ● Verify circuit breaker shunt trip function (battery isolator).
  • ● Verify all volt/amp meters are calibrated and correct.
  • ● Take adequate precautions to ensure that a failure will not jeopardize other systems or equipment.
  • ● Providing Load bank with variac to provide constant current discharge sized to battery capacity, D. C. ammeter, D. C. voltmeter, and timing clock.



  • ● Purchase of 316SS Cabinets, Ancillaries
  • ● Develop Panel Integration Drawings
  • ● Mounting Plate Arrangement (Drilling, Tapping and Mounting in cabinet)
  • ● Component fixing in cabinet.
  • ● Cable cutting and Ferruling.
  • ● Wiring and Termination.
  • ● Labelling
  • ● Dressing/Cleaning overall
  • ● As-Built of Drawings
  • ● Packing & Delivery
  • ● Onsite activities; Site Survey, Installation, Loop Testing
  • ● In-House and Onsite upgrade of existing cabinets
  • ● FAT / SAT Support

ISO 9001:2000 facility with factory trained personnel on board