Fiber Glass Enclosures

Physical Characteristics

  • ● Non corrosive Stands up to an exceptionally broad range of chemical exposures
  • ● Water Tight Rated watertight and submersible for a prolonged period
  • ● Dust-tight Results in an environmentally sealed, environmentally sound space
  • ● Impact resistant Resilient material with high impact resistance
  • ● Non Conductive Double insulated material, No incidental electrical contact
  • ● Light weight Solid Construction in a lightweight design
  • ● UV resistant Minimizes the effects of sunlight
  • ● Workable material Cuts, drills, punches, and saws with ease and accuracy
  • ● Easy Maintenance Scratches and gouges can be restored with petroleum jelly product
  • ● Pleasing aesthetics Smooth line, soft colors easily blend into customer designs concepts
  • ● Finish Smooth surface, no color variations, swirls, or color
  • ● Color Guard Range Available from stock in Black, Blue, and Light Grey.
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Fiberglass Tanks & Dual - Laminate Equipment's

  • ● Hot Press Mounded Sectional Panel Tanks
  • ● Contact mounded Cylindrical tanks Horizontal & vertical
  • ● Large diameter tanks for bulk
  • ● PP/PVDF/PFA lined FRP tanks for storage of chemical solutions
  • ● Dual Laminate Prickling tank for Galvanizing Industry Tanks for truck mounting. etc

Fiberglass Process Vessels & Equipment's

  • ● Double bed carbon vessels for odour control plants including flue gas stack
  • ● Process tanks with customized nozzles and internals for various applications
  • ● Bypass oil separators for oil spill areas
  • ● Vertical slurry mixing vessels with agitator mounting and etc

FRP Piping & Fittings

  • ● Ability to fabricate customized spools
  • ● Fabrication of flanges, Saddles, T-joints, reducers, Saddles, Elbows etc
  • ● Site jointing jobs -Adhesive and Butt Wrap etc ·
  • ● Fiberglass Gratings & Pultruded Profiles
  • ● Fiberglass gratings – Moulded & Pultruded panels
  • ● Customized FRP grating platform installation in corrosion areas
  • ● Fiberglass moulded & pultruded ladders with safety cage § Fiberglass hand rail system for sea water ponds.
  • ● Pultruded GRP Rebars for concreting in critical areas